ASF-UK Workshop in Cameroon as a Research Fieldwork?
ASF-UK workshop in Cameroon offers an excellent research field experience for students preparing dissertations in Architecture Engineering or Development practice. The focus will be on assessing the impact of the past three years of a construction project in rural Eastern Cameroon: of a medical facility, workshop centre and school building. The impact assessment aims at evaluating the environmental, social and economic impact of these constructions. Similarly to the RIBA stage L3 recommendation to review building performance in use; this Post Occupancy Evaluation will not only explore the strength and weakness of the building performances but will also assess its wider impact on communities, environment and livelihoods.

Interested in engaging in International Development?

If you are interested in engaging in the field of International Development however you need to expand your experience and knowledge, ASF-UK offers through this years International Workshops in Cameroon a professional multi-disciplinary field experience. This workshop will enable participants to acquire hands-on exposure to field work, acquire essential professional competences to engage in the Development and Humanitarian sector specifically in assessing impacts of a construction projects whilst monitoring and evaluating an ongoing partnership project between the Mosame Trust and Cameroon Catalyst.

The workshop is filling up fast, but we still have a couple a places left so apply quickly!!!

The deadline for application is the 30th June.

Apply on

WHEN: 11th to 23rd August
WHERE:  Bambouti, Eastern Cameroon
£700 or €850 for all International candidats
£300 for all regional candidats (living and working in Africa)
33,650 CFA for all Cameroonians


Anna Rowett
Anna works for a small international development charity, SOS Sahel, where she started initially as an intern in 2010. The charity’s work focuses on poverty reduction and peace building, promoting African-led development by supporting the advance of strong national NGOs. With one other colleague Anna manages all aspects of the UK organisation and provides ongoing support to colleagues in partner organisations in Sudan and Ethiopia as well as directly assisting in the set up of a new national NGO in South Sudan. Prior to this Anna completed an MSc in International Development at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Four months of the course was spent in Benin completing research in French for her thesis looking at food insecurity and other barriers to primary school education. Anna also holds a BA (Hons) in Geography from the University of Leeds.

Caroline Dewast
Caroline is currently working at 3 X Architecture in London and has been volunteering for ASF-UK for the past 4 years. She has also completed a Masters in Development and Emergency Practice at Oxford Brookes University. Throughout her involvement with ASF-UK, she has co-facilitated both ASF-UK’s Summer Schools in 2009 & 2010 and has been developing an international training course for built environment professionals to engage in International Development. She has worked in Peru for 1 year on post-disaster responses and in urban informal settlements, focusing on participation, community engagement and sustainable development. She also worked for Shelter Centre in Geneva contributing to humanitarian responses guidelines. Caroline is driven by social and environmental issues, and believes that long-term thinking can have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Emma Spruce
Emma is a PhD Candidate at London School of Economics on an ESRC studentship. She is conducting ethnographies in Brixton (UK) and Oakland (USA); looking at the production of identities through everyday encounters in ‘diverse’ places with a specific focus on gender, sexuality, class and race. She also completed her MSc in Gender Research at the Gender Institute (LSE) in 2009-2010, gaining the award for best overall grade; a BA (hons) in French and Politics at Sheffield University; and an International Diploma in Political Science at Sciences-Po Paris. In 2008-2009 Emma worked as a lecturer at Versailles University (France) teaching undergraduates in the Faculty of English, and Masters classes in ‘Cultural Communication’ and ‘CAPES’. She contributes to a number of blogs including LSE Government and Policy, Engenderings and  LSE Equality and Diversity.

The workshop will commence in Bertoua Monday 13th August and will end in Bertoua Wednesday 22nd August.

Important information regarding flight booking and Transport to Bertoua:
Arrival in Cameroon
We have organised transport to go to Bertoua for everyone joining the workshop. We have rented our own bus leaving Douala airport passing by Yaoundé airport going to Bertoua. We strongly recommend that everyone coming from abroad should accommodate his or her flight booking on our bus times. We also advise Cameroonians to join us either in Douala airport or Yaoundé airport to travel to Bertoua. (The cost of this transport is included in your workshop fees).

If you are flying to Douala:
You must arrive in Douala airport before 7am Sunday 12th August.
The bus will be leaving Douala airport at 10am Sunday 12th August.

If you are flying to Yaoundé:
You must arrive in Yaoundé before 10am Sunday 12th August.
The bus will be picking up passengers at Yaoundé airport and leaving Yaoundé at 1pm (13.00).

We will be arriving Sunday night in Bertoua around midnight.

Leaving Cameroon:
We will all be leaving Bertoua Thursday 23rd August early morning 4am (4.00) arriving in Yaoundé around 3pm (15.00), and in Douala around 6pm (18.00).

Please consider at least 3 hours of contingency before your flight leaves. If you need to book a hotel in Douala or Yaoundé we can advise you, however this will be out of your own expenses.

Measuring Impact
Participatory planning
Monitoring and evaluation

This 12 day workshop will explore, teach and test methods of measuring impacts through participatory planning and monitoring and evaluation (PPM&E).

This training is open to development practitioners, built environment professionals and any interested individual in learning about measuring impacts and PPM&E.

This workshop will be implemented in partnership with Cameroon Catalyst, a UK based charity and the Mosame Trust, a Cameroon based charity working in Eastern Cameroon.  So far the two organisations have successfully fundraised for and built the January Hope Centre and a mechanics and carpenters workshop in a small village called Bambouti, in Eastern Cameroon. They are currently working on the new school which is due for completion prior to the workshop.

Cameroon Catalyst and the Mosame Trust would like to understand the impact of the projects that they have built over the last few years, both on the people who were involved in the process of building, and the local communities surrounding the project.  They are also very keen to develop a clear plan of action which is driven by the local community for the next stages of the programme.  Cameroon Catalyst approached ASF-UK to ask if we could help in any way.

WHEN: 11th to 23rd August
WHERE:  Bambouti, Eastern Cameroon
COST:  £700 / €850 / 33,650 CFA (for Cameroonians)